The 18 Steps to Sell Your Home

While there are many details to be handled during the sale of your Utah County home, from preparing your home for the market, choosing an accurate pricing strategy, negotiating offers, inspections, and so on. Breathe easier knowing every detail will be handled on your behalf to your complete satisfaction by Orem’s Nicest Realtors.

18 Steps to Selling a Home

We handle the details to make it simple for you!

1. Initial Consultation

It all starts with us getting together and discussing your home-selling needs.

2. Pricing Strategy

A most important decision is setting an accurate pricing strategy.

3. Documents

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. We need to finalize listing documents to get started.

4. Seller Repairs

Preparing your home for the market includes getting it in showroom condition.

5. Home Staging

You may want to engage a professional home-stager to make enhance your showings.

6. Quality Photos

Since most buyer will discover your home on the Internet, professional photos are a must.

7. Marketing

We will place your home in front of every available buyer within your price range is essential.

8. Home Showings

We will coordinate between you and the buyer (or their agent) to show your home.

9. Offers Received

Offers will be submitted to us. We will carefully review contracts with you to determine what’s next.

10. Negotiations

As trained and experienced negotiators, we will maximize your price and position.

11. Counter-offers

If you desire to counter-offer, we will carefully and competently compose and submit the counter.

12. Escrow Opened

Once the negotiations are successfully completed, we will open escrow with a Title Company.

13. Due Diligence

The purchase contract gives you the right to perform inspections and review seller disclosures.

14. Re-negotiate

Frequently, you will find items you want corrected prior to closing. We will negotiate on your behalf.

15. Title Insurance

During the Settlement Period, your Title Company will repair any issues with your ownership.

16. Bank Appraisal

The buyer’s lender will send a dis-interested appraiser to your property to verify value.

17. Settlement

In Utah, Settlement is the occasion you meet with us and the Title Company to sign documentation. 

18. Closing

Closing is the actual transfer of ownership and recording of the documents at the County.

Home Selling F.A.Q.

These are some of the more common questions we have been asked by home sellers. However, we haven’t covered everything so if you have a specific questions call, text, or email us or click on the link below.

What should I do during the selling process?

During the time your home is on the market, it is advisable that you do the following so that we can ensure everything is done as quickly and smoothly as possible for your home sale:

• Supply anything required by our team, the Home Inspector, the Title Company, or other participants as quickly as possible.
• Answer all of our questions honestly and carefully and provide your buyers with full and accurate property disclosures.
• Continue to keep the property fully insured. . . just in case.
• If you receive any “notices” that affect the property from any authority, please inform us. You are required to disclose them to the Buyers, even if you are under contract.
• Continue to pay your mortgage in full and do not stop until after the sale has closed. Any extra monies will be refunded to you.

What should I disclose to home "shoppers"?

Little or nothing, at least until an offer has been presented. Home-shoppers and their agents will try to gleen information from you as to why you are selling or when you need to be in your next home. It is usually done in a friendly, off-handed way and you will likely think nothing of it.

However, this information will be used against you during negotiations. It is a negotiating truth that whoever has the most information usually comes out on top. We want to stick to “just the facts”. This is one of the main reasons we recommend you be absent when your home is being shown by Realtors.

What should I disclose to the home buyer?

Once a home-shopper becomes a home-buyer, it is your obligation to disclose everything you know about the property. Think what you would want to know if you were buying it. You are legally obligated to tell the buyer about anything you know that would effect their health or safety or that isn’t obvious during a reasonable inspection. 

Who makes requested repairs after an inspection?

Just because the buyer obtains one or more inspections of your property, doesn’t obligate the seller to make repairs or modifications as a result of those inspections.

Typically, however, inspection reports are used to negotiate repairs of major problems, or environmental and safety hazards that may be noted.

It is wise to be negotiable if major items are identified in the inspection reports instead of letting the transaction fail. Any discovered or know defects must be subsequently disclosed to future buyers.

How Can I Help You Sell My Property?

Let everyone you know that your home is for sale. We will be creating videos and an individual website just for your home.  Pass these along to all your Facebook and Instagram friends.

Talk to your neighbors as they frequently know of people who would love to move into your neighborhood. Inform your co-workers ask if they know anyone looking to move.

Be as cooperative as possible when Realtors want to show your home. Make it accessible as many hours of the day as you can. 

Follow our staging advice to make your home more appealing to a wide spectrum of home-shoppers. A repaired, clean, and uncluttered property is attractive and desirable.

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