12 Tips for Showing Your Home


Unexpected Showings:  Our MLS instruction for agents is to make appointments prior to showings.  Occasionally however, an agent may appear at your door unannounced.  Generally, it is in your best interest to accommodate these agents and their buyers.  Ask for 10 minutes and do a quick-clean.

No-show Appointments:  To reduce “no-show appointments” always ask for the name, company, and phone number of agents who call.  Specifically ask them to call you if they can’t keep their appointment.

De-clutter Now: A big reason to de-clutter your home is to make it easier to clean and straighten when showing appointments are made.  A de-cluttered home reduces distractions and improves your odds of selling.

Pets: Many people are allergic to, or simply afraid of, pets.  Please remove your pets from the house, and even the yard, during showings. An uncomfortable buyer will not make an offer and many buyers are uncomfortable with your pets.

Leave the Home: Whenever possible, completely leave the property during showings.  If you are not there, buyers feel more at ease and will remain in the property longer.  This means they are more likely to purchase your home. If you must be home, please let the agent show the home uninterrupted and do not start a conversation with the Buyers.

Heat and AC: Buyers are far more comfortable in a home that is climate controlled.  Even though it may cost you a little extra, leave the heat on during the winter months and the air conditioner on during the summer.

Bright and Light: Prior to a showing, turn on every light and lamp and open the blinds. A light and bright house is inviting and cheerful. If there are switches you intend to leave on, please place tape over them so they won’t be accidentally turned off. Agents are trained to turn off switches when leaving a home.

Locked Doors: Locked doors disconcert buyers. Please unlock every interior door when preparing for a showing.  If you have exterior doors to be left unlocked for children or the garage, please put a sign on the door.  Agents are trained to lock all doors when leaving a home.

Clear Counter Tops: Clear kitchen and bathroom counter tops and sinks. These are the two most important rooms for buyers and they need to look large, clean, and livable.  Store appliances, containers, and bottles out of site. Don’t forget to make the beds and clean the dishes.

Smells: Nothing will kill a sale faster than odors.  Do everything you can eradicate smells, including replacing carpet, if necessary. Research indicates the smell buyers appreciate the most is cleaning solutions. Spray and wipe down all the sinks just prior to a showing.

Valuables and Medications: Please hide all your jewelery, medications, guns, and other valuables prior to any showings or open houses (avoid dresser drawers as a hiding place.) Consider keeping a basket handy and take them all with you in your car trunk

Quite Please: Please turn-off all TV’s and other sources of noise. If there is a busy street nearby, close all the windows. Quite classical music in the background can add to the ambience.

Access to your home

Our MLS utilizes the the electronic Supra Keybox system. This keybox holds your door keys for registered licensed agents to gain access to your home when you are not home.

Once we start servicing your listing, we will place a copy of your key in the lockbox. We will hange the keybox on your front door or somewhere else nearby.

We will alway make an appointment with you prior to an agent showing your home. We are then instantly notified by text whenever the keybox is opened. This allows us to both know when your home is shown, who showed it, and gives us the opportunity to get buyer and agent feedback.



12 Tips for Showing Your Home

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