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Homes for Sale in Utah County

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Homes for sale in Orem, UT

As Utah County’s 2nd largest city (and Utah’s 6th), Orem has become a retail center with a high tax base allowing for high quality city services. Orem is mostly residential and has the highest population density in the County. Orem boasts great schools and easy Freeway access. 

Homes for Sale in Provo, UT

Provo was Utah County’s first formal community. It remains the County’s largest city and the center of government. It may be best known as the home of Brigham Young University (BYU).Provo has several distinct neighborhoods with prices from starter to very high-end luxury.

Homes for Sale in Vineyard, UT

Vineyard is built on the 1700 acres of reclaimed Geneva Steel Factory land. It is a fully master planned community with several distinct neighborhoods comprised of condos, townhomes, 55+ homes, single family and high-end luxury homes. There is retail and even light industrial areas.

Homes for Sale in Lindon, UT

A small city, Lindon is a narrow strip that runs from Utah Lake to the base of Mt Timpanogos. Homes become increasingly expensive the higher they climb up the bench. Many neighborhoods allow horses and other animals. Many retail stores are nearby, including Walmart.

Homes for sale in Lehi, UT

Lehi has quickly grown to become the 3rd largest city in Utah County and a tech center for not only Utah, but for the U.S. The recently vacant hillsides overlooking Utah Valley is now covered in homes, retail centers, and tech companies. 

Homes for Sale in Highland, UT

Highland is a sprawling residential area with most homes situated on large lots, many with horses allowed. A large golf course graces the city along with several parks and a campground. Access to the city from the i-15 corridor is quick and easy from down Hwy 92. 

Homes for Sale in Alpine, UT

Alpine was named after a city in the Swiss Alps because the magnificent views and spectacular scenery were reminiscent of the famous village. There are older smaller homes but much of the city is composed of large, luxurious estates.

Homes for Sale in Cedar Hills, UT

Cedar Hills is nearly all residential with only a Walmart center providing sales tax revenue. Most homes sit on good-sized lots and many have valley views. Canyon Rd connecting PG to Highland runs through the city and No County Blvd skirts the west.

Homes for sale in Saratoga Springs, UT

Overlooking Utah Lake, many homes have spectacular views across the lake of the cities and lights of Utah County. A newer city, Saratoga Springs has planned subdivisions and a wide variety of homes and multi-unit complexes. Several arteries connect to I-15. 

Homes for Sale in Eagle Mountain, UT

Eagle Mountain has a large land mass divided into a rural community and large subdivisions surrounding the Ranches Golf Course. The city will continue to be one of the fastest growing communities for years to come as it has the space to expand.

Homes for Sale in American Fork, UT

American Fork has transformed into a retail heavy-weight with not only its charming downtown but a modern shopping center adjacent to I-15. One of the oldest cities in Utah, AF has homes dated from the 1800’s to brand new sub-divisions and condo complexes.

Homes for Sale in Pleasant Grove, UT

With its delightful old town plus the modern office buildings lining the freeway exits, PG has a home for nearly anyone. Large swaths of homes dotted with parks climb the bench of the Mt Timpanogos. Home parcels are typically good-sized and spread out.

Homes for sale in Springville, UT

Springville is a comfortable medium-sized town filled with historic homes and new subdivisions. Several factories call it home along with lots of retail but Springville is primarily a suburb of the larger employment centers of Utah County.

Homes for Sale in Spanish Fork, UT

Spanish Fork has grown from a sleepy small town to a thriving city with a Costco and many other popular retailers. Its historic main street still features many successful businesses. Older neighborhoods near Main St. blend into new east subdivisions.

Homes for Sale in Mapleton, UT

Half-acre and larger lots are the norm in Mapleton although newer subdivisions with smaller parcels are part of the growth. Mapleton is a peaceful and quiet city that offers the ideal balance between small-town living and close proximity to large city amenities.

Homes for Sale in Salem, UT

Salem is a small town surrounded by agriculture. It has been growing with new subdivisions but is still very much a bedroom community where most residents must commute for employment. In Salem you can be close to the government and your input and participation matter.

Homes for sale in Payson, UT

Payson, once a small city, has rapidly grown and is even home to a LDS Temple. It sits at the base of Mt Nebo with neighorhoods bumping up against agriculture zones on all sides. With its own hospital and manufacturing businesses, it is both a desitnation and a bedroom community.

Homes for Sale in Santiquin, UT

Santaquin is an agriculture town that has transformed into a bedroom community as Utah County has grown. Efforts are on-going to keep its agriculture heritage even as new subdivisions are popping up. It has a charming main street with restaurants, banks, and shops.

Homes for Sale in Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point is the most notable landmark in northern Utah County. The surrounding residential areas are in high demand due to all the technology businesses and easy commute to Salt Lake Valley and Provo/Orem. Residents love the abundant recreation and shopping.

Homes for Sale in Provo Canyon, UT

This magnificent canyon sits just off of Provo and Orem. Homes and cabins are scarce with only a few pockets of housing. Just off the canyon is the very popular area of the Sundance Ski resort. Residents enjoy hiking, playing on the river, snow-shoeing, and spotting wild animals.

Homes for sale in Elk Ridge, UT

This small community nestled against the southern mountains of Utah County was incorporated in 2000 and is exploding in population with many new homes and subdivisions taking advantage of the amazing views of Utah Lake and the Wasatch mountains.

Homes for Sale in Woodland Hills, UT

Woodland Hills sits on a knoll at the foot of Mt Loafer.  During spring through autumn, extensive foliage enhances privacy and tranquility.  Winter snow intensifies the brilliance of sunny days, and spectacular vistas expand all around.

Homes for Sale near BYU

Homes within walking distance of BYU are highly desirable, even when older and unremodeled. There are dozens of condo and townhome complexes with single-family houses sprinkeled throughout. Before purchasing a home for a rental, check Provo’s rules and the parking.

Homes for Sale near UVU

UVU is now Utah’s largest University and nearby housing is increasingly popular. Several new condo complexes have sprung up nearby. Most nearby real estate is still single family homes with rental restrictions so research before purchasing a home for student rental.