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We simplify the process and thoroughly handle of all the details, deadlines, and issues of your transaction.

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Our Massive Marketing System attracts every active home-shopper in our market within your price range. We will sell your home.

Active Marketing vs

Passive Marketing

Passive Marketing

To maximize your net equity from the sale of your home, you need Realtors who will actively market your home at all times; Realtors who work hard to earn their commission and work diligently to get your home SOLD within your time-frame.

Most real estate agents participate in “Passsive” Marketing; that is, listing your home and then sitting around doing little more than loading it in the MLS. They put up a sign and then pray it will sell—in other words, wait and hope for a buyer to call. These passive methods have proven not to work.

Active Marketing

We do “Active” Marketing. This is literally calling, texting, emailing, daily and direct mailing to aggressively market your home. We list your property on all the major real estate sites in addition to hundreds of classified, newspaper, and magazine websites, every single day.

Our activity attracts dozens of home-shoppers each week.  We search and prospecting for your potential buyer until your property is SOLD. We feel we are obligated to earnestly try to find buyers for our listings every day; this is what you are paying us to do! Techniques from call capture info lines to holding mega-open houses to direct mail programs bring us many buyers each week. 

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Denise Martin Utah Realtor

Denise Martin, Realtor

Known as Utah’s Nicest Realtor, Denise has helped doctors, teachers  accountants, business owners, and families as well as young first-time buyers to reach their home buying and home selling goals.

Having bought and sold several homes and investment properties of her own, Denise knows how important communication is for her clients.  Her assertive negotiating style while remaining nice and friendly has helped her clients maximize their financial position in their transactions.

Jessica Rowley Realtor in Utah

Jessica Rowley, Realtor

Jessica is one of those people you like from the moment you meet her. Clients love her friendly, professional demeaner and appreciate the care and concern she has for them.

Although selling or buying a home is serious business, Jessica makes it fun and enjoyable. She is faithful about returning calls and watching over every small detail to make sure everything goes smoothly.

A homeowner herself, she knows the joy of owning your own home yet the inconvenience of buying or selling one.

Bruce Martin Utah

Bruce Martin, Marketing

Exposing your home to every possible buyer within your price range, as quickly as possible, is the secret to getting a home sold fast and for the most money. Bruce is a marketing expert who has created marketing systems for several of the Top 500 real estate brokerages in America as well as re-branded one of the nation’s biggest real estate franchises.

With over 40 years of sales, marketing, and real estate experience, you can trust that your home’s marketing will exceed your expectations.

We’ve Been Selling Homes Since 2001. Lot’s of them.

Experience counts. Having represented hundreds of home buyers and home sellers since 2001, you can trust us with the responsibility of selling your home for top dollar.

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Common Home Seller Questions

Whether selling a house for the first time or for the fifth time, these are questions you may have about the home-selling process.

How long does it take to sell a property?

There are many factors that contribute to how long it takes to sell a home so there’s not an exact answer. Here are some of the factors:

  • The current real estate market
  • Your pricing strategy
  • Desirability of the neighborhood
  • The condition and staging of the home
  • The power of the marketing strategy
  • How easy it is for buyers to obtain loans (interest rates, etc.)
  • The local employment picture and consumer confidence
  • The number of inspection contingencies
How much does it cost to sell a property?

Selling costs will vary depending upon your sales price but will include:


Existing Loans: Typically, the largest expense is paying off your existing mortgage and other liens against the home.

Escrow/Settlement Fees: Escrow officer, document prep, recording, and notary fees. (Aprox $400 – $600)

Title Insurance: A policy to insure your home’s title is free and clear and transferable. (Aprox .5% of the sales price)

Real Estate Commission: Typically 6% of the sales price; divided between the Listing Agent and the Buyer’s Agent. 

Property Tax Proration: Property taxes due for the months and days you owned the home from the last tax bill until closing.

Utilities till Closing Date: Any unpaid utility bills.


Staging/Preparation: Improvements, repairs, and staging your property will help it sell faster and for more money but will incur costs to complete.

HOA Reinvestment Fee: As negotiated with the buyer. (Up to .5% of sales price)

Home Warranty Policy: As negotiated with the buyer. ($400 – $700)

Post-inspection Repairs: Varies depending upon what the buyer discovers during the home inspection or any existing health or safety repairs you are aware of that need to be fixed.

All told, Seller’s closing costs are generally between 8% and 9% of the sales price.

What is the best time of year to sell a home?

Along with economic factors such as supply and demand, interest rates, and the employment picture, the time of year you choose to sell can impact both the length of time it takes to sell your home and its ultimate selling price.

Typically, the real estate market picks up around February, continues strong through late May and June, and tapers off during August.

September through November generally marks a home buying rally followed by a slowdown from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Here is an eight year history of U.S. homes sales from 2011 – 2017:

(Remember, homes go under contract about 30 – 45 days prior to closing)

Month         # of Closings

  • June             1,489,911
  • August         1,435,907
  • July               1,420,780
  • May              1,369,131
  • Sept              1,263,439
  • October        1,257,043
  • April              1,242,434
  • March           1,186,024
  • December    1,174,540
  • November    1,079,935
  • January             916,374
  • February           894,060
How do I determine an accurate asking price?

To accurately price your property, the prevailing state of the local real estate market must be taken into account. The real estate market continually changes, and market fluctuations affect property values.

To sell your property quickly, it is critical to determine your listing price based on the most recent comparable sales in your neighborhood. It is best to use asking prices only to determine your competition.

Focus on SOLD prices to understand what buyers are actually willing to pay for properties in your area.

Almost all home sellers rely on an experienced Realtor to perform an accurate pricing analysis (also known as a Comparitive Market Analysis or “CMA”.) You probably don’t want to rely on a part-time agent or a newby agent to research your CMA and then market your property since they don’t have the experience and market knowledge necessary to understand the subtleties of the market and give you accurate advice.

The second way is to order an appraisal. Appraisals average about $500-750 for a single family home and more on multi-family dwellings. Appraisers review numerous factors and base their conclusion upon sales of similar properties within the last 3 to 6 months, the property’s location, square footage, construction quality, excess land, views, water frontage, and amenities such as garages, number of baths, etc.

The worst way to price a home is to rely on your “gut feeling” or to base it on how much you need for your next home or how much money you want to get out of your property. Those desires are irrelevant to what a buyer will pay in a competitive market.

Should I use a site like Zillow to determine my asking price?

The answer to this frequently asked question is NO!  Anyone who has bought a home, sold a home, or just looked at homes has heard of websites such as Zillow and Trulia.

These third party real estate websites provide estimates of home values for practically any home in the United States.  However, they use computer generated home values based on universal algorithms and formulas.

An unsurmountable problem for accuracy in Utah is that we are a “non-disclosure” state, which means sales prices are not recorded in the public records making it is impossible for these algorithms to have any real data to formulate accurate estimates.

What Items do I Include in the sale of my home?

Fixtures and Fittings

• Fixtures are items that are fitted to the structure using bolts or concrete and cannot be easily taken away.

• Fittings are items that are freestanding and can be easily removed from the property without causing damage to the structure.

• As a general rule, fixtures remain with the property whereas fittings are taken away and do not remain a part of the property unless agreed to in the purchase contract.

Items to Remain per the Utah Real Estate Purchase Contract:

  • Plumbing, heating, air conditioning fixtures and equipment;
  • Solar panels;
  • Ovens, ranges and hoods;
  • Cook tops;
  • Dishwashers;
  • Ceiling fans;
  • Water heaters; water softeners;
  • Light fixtures and bulbs;
  • Bathroom fixtures and bathroom mirrors;
  • All window coverings including curtains, draperies, rods, window blinds and shutters;
  • Window and door screens; storm doors and windows; awnings;
  • Satellite dishes; all installed TV mounting brackets;
  • All wall and ceiling mounted speakers;
  • Affixed carpets;
  • Automatic garage door openers and accompanying transmitters;
  • Security system;
  • Fencing;
  • Landscaping

Refrigerators: Negotiated in the contract. Typically the fridge remains in Utah (though not in many other states)

Washer/Dryer: Negotiated in the contract. Sometimes they are included in the sale but often they are not.

What do you do during a consultation appointment?

We will come to meet you at your property at a time that suits your needs.

Appointments at your home will typically take an hour or two, which will include a full inspection of your house. During this time we will discuss your own needs, the current market situation, similar properties for sale within the area, and most importantly, nearby SOLD properties.

This will help us to advise you on your properties potential value, give you tips on what you can do to will enhance its current value, and what we recommend as a marketing strategy to sell your home fast and for top dollar.

How are real estate agents paid?

Real estate agents are not paid by the hour! They’re paid a percentage of the purchase price in a successful real estate transaction.

Sellers pay Realtor commissions, also known as Realtor Compensation, Listing Fee, or Brokerage Fee.

Almost always, one agent represents the Seller and another represents the Buyer. The commission is typically split between them.

In the US, real estate commissions are commonly 6% of the transaction, usually 3% to the Seller’s brokerage (listing) and 3% to the Buyer’s brokerage once split.

No government or industry body sets commission rates. Legally, commission rates are negotiable. However, remember that agents only earn their commission on successful sales. Consider the results you expect as you evaluate the value you should put on the commission they earn.

Should I buy a home before selling?

Generally, we recommend you purchase first with a contingency that your home sell prior to closing. Otherwise, check with a lender first to learn if you can own two homes at once.

Ask yourself if you are willing and able to carry two mortgages and deal with the stress that comes from physically and financially maintaining two homes.

However, in a hot “Seller’s Market” where homes are selling quickly, most sellers won’t accept a contingent offer when so many other buyers are anxious to purchase. In that case, you may have to sell and then find your next home.

We can help guide you if you are considering selling prior to going under contract with your new home.

Client Testimonials

Denise recently helped my wife and I purchase our first home and she was so great to work with! She explained everything very clearly, answered all of our questions, and was very responsive. The whole process went smoothly with her help and we are so grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone..”


We are so happy with our new home. Denise was by our side every step of the way both selling our home and buying the new home. She is the ultimate realtor! Thank you, Denise and Jessica. We would chose you again and again! But we are so happy to once again feel settled in the perfect location. We got a quick sale and found the new home also very quickly.”


Denise did a great job of selling our rather unique home. She targeted just the right audience and worked hard to negotiate a good deal on our behalf. She’s a source of practical knowledge about what to do and not do. Working with Denise was a wonderful experience!.”


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