Orem City passes Landlord License Ordnance to stop utilities loss

The City of Orem joins other Utah cities is requiring a Landlord License for owners of rental property. They sent the following out in their January 2020 newsletter.

On December 10, 2019, the Orem City Council adopted an ordinance requiring all residential properties to be licensed.

In additional to this requirement, all City of Orem utilities will be required to remain in the name of the property owner.

Both of these changes will be effective July 1, 2020; however, utilities can be put into the name of the owner at anytime. These changes will not impact the gas & electric bills.

Utility bills can still be paid by tenants and property managers will have access to the utility accounts.

The program is explained on the City of Orem website “Landlord Licensing Program”.

Orem’s primary reasons for requiring a landlord license are:

  1. To stop losing money on the city services of water, trash, and sewer by making the Landlord responsible for city utility bills, and
  2. To quickly locate landlords when there is a complaint or police action at a rental property.

This new ordinance will make life easier for the City of Orem but will require diligence by rental property owners to make sure their tenants don’t get behind in their city bills. If they do, you will need to take immediate action or be responsible for their unpaid bills.